Herb Collecting

April 7, 2006

I have wanted to do some dedicated herb gathering for sometime now. Specifically, I want to gather some Mountain Silversage for Greg to use making potions. I checked a couple of online databases and decided that Unger Crater was the best place to start. However, after 45 minutes I had only found one spawn for Mountain Silversage and gave up on Unger. I went back to the database and found that the Ironwood Stompers drop silversage with some regularity.

This reminded me that the stompers actually drop a variety of herbs with some frequency, so I grabbed the next flight to Felwood. I spent the next two hours grinding all the elementals in Felwood and was fairly pleased with the results. I obtained multiple specimens of seven different herbs in that time, as well the normal cash and vendor items that drop. While moving between mobs, I was also to collect herbs that available in the area in addition to those that dropped from mobs. Beyond that, I was further rewarded with an Essence of Water and a Living Essence. Altogether it was time well spent.

From a practical point of view, gathering herbs for potions makes a great deal of sense. It takes only time to collect herbs and if you have a sense of where different items bloom, then you can reduce the time it takes looking for them. Purple Lotus, for example, tends to bloom in nooks and crevices. They rarely bloom in the open, unlike Sungrass and Gromsblood which are most often found in grassy meadows.

The downside though is that gathering herbs is very time consuming. A region usually spawns three or four varieties of plants at best, so making a complete set of potions often means traveling to several different regions.

The other option is to just buy the herbs from the auction house. Quite often this is an acceptable alternative. Sungrass and Blindweed average 3 to 4 gold for a stack of twenty. But several of the pots that have value in the retail market, require Mountain Silversage. This particular herb is hard to find and prices reflect this, average 13 to 15 gold for a stack of twenty. That is, if you can find a stack of twenty on the auction house.

Now that I have been thinking about it, there are several locations where elementals drop herbs. These mobs are farmed far less frequently than elementals which drop the essences of earth, fire, water and air. Tanaris,

Swamp of
Sorrows, Felwood and Ungoro Crater all have elemental mobs that drop multiple essences. The next step is to do some dedicated farming of these mobs and see if this doesn't prove to be a more time efficient method of gathering multiple herbs.


One Response to “Herb Collecting”

  1. Thurston Says:

    Also get as much ungoro soil and use the bag to make herbs every 10 minutes. you’ll get plenty of herbs that way, plus the morrowgrain is valuable to sell if you don’t need the rep.

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