Great Blogs and the Important of Reciprocity

June 7, 2006

For some time now I have been reading Tobold's excellent blog on World of Warcraft. In theory it is a blog about multiplayer online games in general, with specific attention to whatever game Tobold is currently playing. In actuality, he isn't playing other games and the focus has become almost exclusively about Warcraft, referenced with his MOG experience. If you are not familar with the blog, by all means check it out. His insights are usually keen and it helps that I often agree with his thinking.

However, I must take him to task at this point for something I consider a rather serious character failing. In recent posts he has mentioned the high traffic volume he gets not and how this is partly due to the many blogs that link to him. Yet he does not maintain a link list and only links to other blogs if he is specifically mentioning them.

Personally I could care less if he maintains a link list. But he has attributed  blog links as a factor in the readership he now has, without any reciprocity. In the world of blogs, this is a major failing in my opinion. Ordinarily I would just exclude the blog from links and be done with it. But the blog is just too damn good to not mention, so I highly recommend it with the above reservations noted.

While I am recommending blogs, I would also direct your attention to Blessings of Kings, with reservations of an entirely different sort. The blog is about the Paladin class, which means it is an alliance blog. However, it is another example of the sort of writing I wish there was more of about warcraft. Many blogs are basically loot logs and that holds my interest for very short periods of time. Considered and thoughtful writing about the game and the different aspects of Warcraft will hold my attention for considerably longer.

BOK's recent post about Shamans and Paladins is interesting and worth a look for all the shaman out there.


15 Responses to “Great Blogs and the Important of Reciprocity”

  1. einexile Says:

    This is the dumbest and rudest thing I have read in a while. Why the hell should the man link to your blog unless he thinks his readers will benefit in some way from reading it? If he sees something here which will interest his readers, I’m pretty sure he’ll link to it on the day it’s posted.

    You’re a jerk for assuming that because you recommend him he ought to recommend you – and moreso because you’d be the hands-down winner in the exchange, and likely you can tell he’s the sort of fellow who’ll doubt himself & be falsely shamed into doing the nice thing instead of the right thing.

  2. tauren shaman Says:

    Perhaps I wasn’t very clear. Personally I believe in the principle of reciprocity when it comes to linking. I generally don’t link to blogs that don’t link to other blogs. Since I think that link referrals make the web work, it’s a matter of principle.

    It matters not that whether he links to me or not; it does matter whether he carries a link list. I merely pointed out that he doesn’t and that he atttributes his great traffic to other people’s links to him.

    Spread the love was my point.

    Obviously you missed it.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Ironically enough, you’ve managed to land a front page link on his site, which is what drove me in this direction.

    As a consequence, I’ve begun to read through your own link list, and have become introduced to a myriad of blogs that I was previously unaware of. I think this along is a good argument for maintaining ye olde list of links. Not necessarily to provide reciprocity, but for a blog to share the wealth, to introduce the readership of a particular blog to related material that they might find interesting as well.

    Then again, given your comment, it appears that we might be in agreement, although I would argue that the missing link list isn’t necessarily a character failing, but does make his blog less useful than it would be if he did have one. Either way, thank you for maintaining a set of links. I look forward to delving into your blog as well as the ones which you have endorsed as worthwhile reading.

  4. einexile Says:

    The post you referenced never specifically mentioned link lists. It refers just as easily to the sort of contextual link that brought me here.

    A links list is also nice to have, if you like them, although I don’t see how such a list can provide reciprocity unless you’re foolish enough to intentionally exclude blogs that aren’t linking to you.

    But the problem isn’t that you have chosen to spend time and effort ruminating on this sort of thing, or even that your conclusions are silly; the problem is you attacked his character over it. Personal attacks aren’t the first thing that pop into my head when you talk about spreading the love – I guess that’s just a bugaboo I have.

    I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree, and I’ll just assume character doesn’t mean very much to you. Or seriousness, or failure.

  5. winter Says:

    rofl, you are a wanker mate. You come off sounding like you have your nose stuck so far up your own arse the fumes are making you crazy.

    Stop the circle jerk please.

  6. Thurston Says:

    I am shocked at the flames you’re getting.

    Actually you are entirely correct. It has been the accepted practice among bloggers for some time to provide reciprocal links. This is simply considered good manners.

    The exception would be a highly trafficed blog where the person could not possibly link to everyone who links to him. Perhaps his blog falls under that category, I do not know.

    I usually make distinctions on my blogs between my link list of blogs I read and want to help promote, and another list of people who link to me.

    I have wow humor blog, as well as some other humor blogs. I found you from Blessings of Kings, which I like, though I haven’t played a pally. I like it more than some of the other pally sites (there seem to be a lot 🙂 )

    But.. i’ve converted to horde and can’t go back. 🙂

  7. Samownall Says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while now a love the thoughtful posts. I have started my wow blog and am seeking to learn all about them. Please check it out and give me any tips!
    Keep up the good work
    Samownall World of Warcraft Forum

  8. ZugZugZane Says:

    I did a simple google inquiry on the Shaman class (as to I have just made a toon) and am pleased with the following.
    1. This blog is actually insightful, well thought out, and gives me a reason to come back.
    2. The shaman class seems to have a following and is a good class to lvl.
    3. Blogs can be usefull. I didn’t think so and am glad to be proven wrong (clearly I have not had good blogs to base this off of.)

    Regards and keep it up.

  9. Damh Says:

    Don’t let the flamers get you down. If you have people visit, you will get flames. Eh. Whatever. I have only one site that links to me, I have very few comments, and I am still learning what is entertainment and what is not. Do it because you enjoy it, just like WoW.

    Damh and Hobbes

  10. dmosbon Says:

    Ok my thoughts on links are…I don’t have them on my blog. I have in the past but I prefer to place a ‘clicks’ list & a ‘popular post’ list which normally contain other blog links, which give a better picture of what my readers find interesting…i hope…and what is still valid ie a blog that is still up!

    Tobold has always pointed out he writes for himself & himself only, 99% bloggers write what they think people want to hear.

  11. […] then came across this post by taurenshaman. It got me thinking, OK I have stopped placing a links section to my blog & as […]

  12. Indignantly Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Indignantly.

  13. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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