For some time now I have been reading Tobold's excellent blog on World of Warcraft. In theory it is a blog about multiplayer online games in general, with specific attention to whatever game Tobold is currently playing. In actuality, he isn't playing other games and the focus has become almost exclusively about Warcraft, referenced with his MOG experience. If you are not familar with the blog, by all means check it out. His insights are usually keen and it helps that I often agree with his thinking.

However, I must take him to task at this point for something I consider a rather serious character failing. In recent posts he has mentioned the high traffic volume he gets not and how this is partly due to the many blogs that link to him. Yet he does not maintain a link list and only links to other blogs if he is specifically mentioning them.

Personally I could care less if he maintains a link list. But he has attributed  blog links as a factor in the readership he now has, without any reciprocity. In the world of blogs, this is a major failing in my opinion. Ordinarily I would just exclude the blog from links and be done with it. But the blog is just too damn good to not mention, so I highly recommend it with the above reservations noted.

While I am recommending blogs, I would also direct your attention to Blessings of Kings, with reservations of an entirely different sort. The blog is about the Paladin class, which means it is an alliance blog. However, it is another example of the sort of writing I wish there was more of about warcraft. Many blogs are basically loot logs and that holds my interest for very short periods of time. Considered and thoughtful writing about the game and the different aspects of Warcraft will hold my attention for considerably longer.

BOK's recent post about Shamans and Paladins is interesting and worth a look for all the shaman out there.